Troop 49 uses a program called Troopmaster to track all pertinent Scout and Parent information. The TroopMaster Web application is available for parents to access their personal information, as well as their scout's, run reports, and check advancements. See below for instructions on how to create a family account.

1. Go to the Troop 49 TroopMaster Web site.

2. Log in using these credentials:

UserID: Parents

Password: Parents

3. You will be prompted to create a personal family account with a new UserID and Password. Fill in all fields and click on Create Account.

4. Now you can click Close and log in to your new account.

For privacy reasons, we want family accounts to have access to family members' information only. The application can't automatically link your new family account to your data. So, the administrator will do this manually.


5. Email with this information:

- UserID (which you just created)

- First and last names of ALL scouts and ALL adults to link to account


Be aware that the administrator can see your password, so create your password accordingly.