The Scout Law

The scout law is a list of 12 characteristics that Scouts strive to exemplify. Troop 49 also strives to run our scouting program based on these characteristics. 


We are truthful with each other and keep our commitments. We also work to be prepared to accomplish the things we attempt. 


Troop adults support our Scouts and they support each other. We come together to find appropriate solutions when there is disagreement. 


We participates in many community service projects and work on activities that foster cooperation.


Visitors are welcome and Scouts are invited to join our troop. We like to have fun, and we like to include others.


Troop adults show the Scouts respect and courtesy, and expect them to do the same; we find that respect and courtesy are contagious. 


Being nice is important. We treat everyone with consideration, work to include everyone in every activity, and recognize that each person has unique abilities. 


Our core rule is simple: 'Follow the scout law.' Scouts are expected to exemplify the scout law at all meetings and activities. 


Scouting is fun. We encourage Scouts to plan activities that are enjoyable and schedule time for relaxing.


Scouts are required to work within a limited budget when planning camp outs. Our Troop equipment is serviceable but not generally brand new or state of the art and scouts are encouraged to find ways to do more with less.  


Scouts are encouraged to choose to try new things and difficult things. Troop 49 will support them and "challenge by choice." Choosing not to do something is always okay. The Troop provides a safe place for scouts to try difficult things and to succeed or to learn from our mistakes when we don't. We recognize that bravery looks different for different people. 


Scouts are expected to wear the uniform neatly and with pride. We camp using leave no trace guidelines and strive to leave the places we go cleaner than we found them. 


Troop 49 is a non-denominational troop. We encourage all scouts to develop spiritually and explore faiths and religions that interest them.